Why is the World in Love again? Why are We Marching Hand in Hand?

January 11, 2012

Ok anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a  HUGE life long TMBG fan.  I spent the better part of my youth going to their shows, and driving around the state listening to all of the albums on cassette in my friend Dave’s car. They were responsible for me falling in love with underground music, and were the soundtrack for an absolutely amazing time in my life, and I met so many friends because of them. If there ever was a dream project for us to be involved with, it would be this….. So you can imagine how excited we are to release, for the first time ever on vinyl.. the first two full band TMBG records “John Henry” and “Factory Showroom”.  Expect to see Factory Showroom available in March, and John Henry sometime this summer!!!!

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  1. Will factory showroom have the hidden track “Subway token to Brooklyn” on it like the cd did?

    • possibly ;)

  2. This is awesome!~

    Also– suggestion for ska 3rd wave preservation? Big D and the Kids Table’s Goodluck!!

  3. Whoa, how did you manage to snag the rights to do THIS from WEA, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • it took a long time of constantly harassing people until we got to the right person :)

  4. Just found out about this, and it’s great! I’ve always wondered why John Henry wasn’t on vinyl… Any chance of an Apollo 18 reissue?

    • We will be doing John Henry, Apollo 18, and Flood in the coming months as well

  5. I got my copy of Factory Showroom last week and took it for a spin. Holy Crap guys! You did an amazing job! The quality of the vinyl is fantastic and I’m picking up nuances across the entire album I never did before. Like hearing it for the first time again. I’m excited to read that you will have other TMBG releases coming up and I can’t wait. THANKS!

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