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Sorry we’ve been so busy…..

July 15, 2014

Ok we have so much stuff in the works right now! So much in fact we’ve been horrible at updating this website.

Here’s what the rest of the year looks like so far:

  1. The Snails – Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox LP
  2. Survay Says! – Observations of the Human Condition LP
  3. The Skints – Part and Parcel LP (US release)
  4. Fishbone – Intrinsically Intertwined LP
  5. Fishbone – Truth and Soul LP (reissue!)
  6. They Might Be Giants – Flood LP (reissue!)
  7. ***super secret reissue***
  8. V/A – No Worries CD (benefit northeastern ska comp for Efren Sanatana of Hepcat)
  9. and some other special projects that are in the early stages… stay tuned!



Survay Says! new album! and a tour with Reel Big Fish!

May 13, 2014

Survay Says! new album! and a tour with Reel Big Fish!

NJ’s pop punk/ska upstarts Survay Says! will hit the road for the rest of the year in support of their new album “Observations of the Human Condition” and will spend the summer on the road with 90′s ska giants Reel Big Fish, and followed up with a return trip to Fest in Gainesville! grab your copy of the cd now in our webstore!


Apple Stomp 2 is coming May 31- June 1 2014 to Irving Plaza NYC

May 13, 2014

Apple Stomp 2 is coming May 31- June 1 2014 to Irving Plaza NYC

Highlites include: Stubborn All Stars 20th Anniversary Reunion (members of the Slackers, Skinnerbox, etc), Big D & The Kids Table performing with BOTH original singers and performing all of Good Luck!, The Toasters w/ former members Coolie, Sledge, Tim & more!…. as well as super rare east coast shows by Slow Gherkin, Dan P & the Bricks, and reunions from our old friends Jiker, I voted for Kodos, Johnny Too Bad, and High School Football Heroes!!


Jenny Owen Youngs / Allison Weiss – Double Exposure Vol 2 Split 7″

September 26, 2013



Now Shipping! The second volume of our Double Exposure series, featuring two of our favorite performers.  You have probably seen Jenny perfoming on the Revival Tour, or heard her songs on the Showtime show WEEDS, and we’ve been in love with Allison’s work since we saw her cover a BTMI! track on youtube a few years ago… and she was totally one of the best acts on this years Warped Tour. Both artists are covering tracks from the indie rock giants Magnetic Fields. If you act fast you can still score one of the limited Black copies of the record in our webstore! 


Suicide Machines – Destruction by Definition & Battle Hymns Update!

September 26, 2013




Slight delay from the plant on the records, but we are told we will have them in house within 2 weeks! We really hope you guys love these, as it took us literally 6 years of work to get these to happen. Both records will come with huge 11×22 inserts, Destruction with all the original cut & paste style artwork, and letters from members of the band, and Battle Hymns with the original Sheppard Fairey poster and lyrics. (much thanks to Todd Rogers at for all the hard work recreating the packaging for these LPs, and the accompanying bonus singles). There’s still some time to grab your copy, and get one of the rarer colors if you act quick! Thanks everyone for their support on this project and their patience


The Suicide Machines – Destruction by Definition, and Battle Hymns to be reissued on Vinyl!

May 20, 2013



Two of the most essential 90′s ska-punk releases of the 90′s are getting the vinyl treatment this summer from Asbestos Records! We’ve been working on getting the rights to these releases for about 6 years, so we couldn’t be happier with being ale to a part of this project. Working on the final details of the release, and working with the band on the liner notes, and some bonus material, so keep checking back for more info!

also be sure to catch The Suicide Machines headlining our first annual ska festival, The Apple Stomp 5/31-6/1 in New York City!


They Might Be Giants & Mighty Mighty Bosstones Pre-orders up Now!

May 20, 2013


Twi more 90′s classics reissued on vinyl! head over to to reserve your copies today!


Apple Stomp tickets onsale 4/12 at Noon!

April 12, 2013

apple stomp

2 day passes available at
they’re going to go quick.. so get ‘em while you can!!!


The Apple Stomp – the Ultimate NYC SKA FEST!

March 7, 2013


We’ve teamed up with promoter extraordinaire Christian McKnight, and our old friend Adam Fachler to bring NYC the Ska Festival it has long been lacking. Head on over to APPLE STOMP for all the announcements and news on the festival.

We’ve announced the first band, and we coudn’t be prouder than to bring all of you the reunion of Bostons premiere Metal/Ska bastard child THUMPER. They haven’t played a show since the closing show at New Haven’s TUNE INN and we personally cannot believe we’ve got them to reunite for this festival.


News you can use .. for 2013

January 30, 2013


Ok we had an absolutely insane 2012, releasing literally 4x more releases than we ever have in a single year.. and topped that all off with our first major label package tour.

Ok so all the TMBG fans can stop freaking out… John Henry is currently in production. Its going to be a slick 2xLP in a nice gatefold sleeve. We would have liked to get this out earlier than we are… but reissues are a huge expense, and apparrently major labels don’t believe in saving anything, so we’re once again tasking our amazing graphics guy to recreate and retouch the packaging. The vinyl plants are slammed.. so we don’t have any idea when this will be ready.. but we’ll get a preorder up once we have somewhat of an idea.

Secondly – we’re working on 3 more entries in our “Double Exposure 7″ Series”.. i don’t want to name any names yet, but its a handful of artists we’ve wanted to work with for years, and some old friends…. all doing some very interesting cover choices. We think you’ll enjoy them…

thirdly – we’re working on a super secret reissue of one of the best 3rd wave ska records ever… i think a ton of you are going to be beyond stoked as soon as we make the announcement :)

Lots of other things in early stages of development as well.. additional reissues, more TMBG stuff, possibly more high profile ska shows & tours, and lord knows what else we can come up with as we hurdle towards release number 100.


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