Mustard Plug – Big Daddy Multitude 15th Anniversary LP+7″!

January 9, 2009


It’s really an honor for us to have been able to be a part of this release. I became a huge fan of this record back in the early nineties after hearing “Mr Smiley” on the Moon Ska “Skamaggedon” compilation, and have been a fan ever since. For whatever reason, unlike the rest of their catalog, this record never received the vinyl treatment… so 15 years later.. here it is. Todd Rogers of Teaessare Illustration & Design did an amazing job salvaging, and restoring the cover art (something Hopless really didn’t bother doing on the CD reissue.. blech) and totally redid the back cover, influenced by the insides of the original cd booklet.

Vinyl Collective Exclusive Black Lp with Yellow 7″

Mustard Yellow Vinyl with Black 7″

Nerd Alert Records Exclusive Clear LP with Black 7″

and you can get the band exlcusive White LP with White 7″ from the band, or a couple copies did manage to find their way to Vinyl Collective as well.

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