Preorder: My Heart to Joy – Seasons in Verse

January 31, 2009


Up for preorder! The first full length from Berlin, Connecticut’s own My Heart to Joy. On ‘Seasons in Verse’, My Heart To Joy move from a band who, while never having heard of Hot Water Music, kept getting compared to them, to a band who can’t decide if The Promise Ring or Braid is better. (The answer is Braid by the way.) Somehow, in between taking nods from 90’s emo bands, and post-hardcore and Kinsella brothers, My Heart To Joy manage to create a record that is not dated or contrived, but really fucking sweet. Chrisbestos Records is psyched to put out a great record by great dudes. And Flood likes it too, even though he hates music. Oh, and rather than four colors that make no sense, we even opted to have them match the artwork this time, GO US.
❤ Chris Z.

Pressing info!
500 total copies!
200 – Black
100 – White
100 – Blue
100 – greenish/bluish/greyish? …or something.

Pertinent ordering info:
Records are $10 each.
Shipping (in the US) is $4 for the first LP, $1 each additional record.
(if you’re from Canada, or some other place… email us and we’ll figure something out).. oh and please list what you’re actually buying and a shipping address.. you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t actually do this…

Super Duper Special!
Order all 4 colors for $44ppd and you’ll get a free copy of the bands debut 7″ Virgin Sails. and we’ll throw some other neat shit in the package as well… well golly.. thats a great deal!

you can paypal your hard earned money to: Flood@asbestosrecords.com
mail cash/check to
Matt Flood
8 Spring St
Ansonia CT 06401

PS – Records should ship March-ish.

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