holy crap. biggest update ever.

May 14, 2009

Between it being busy as hell at work for me, and Chris getting his shit done so he can graduate & starting up his new band The Swear Jar… we haven’t had a chance to post an update.. so heres the all encompassing news of whats going on…

1) We just posted the pre-order info for The Flaming Tsunami’s – Zombies Vs. Robots LP. Click here for ordering info! Chris will be playing sax/keys for TFT on their final run of shows as well.

2) We’ll be releasing The Slackers – Better Late than Never as a 12″ + 7″ package in the coming months… this has been out of print for over a decade.. and it was a low press run originally to boot. Pre-order will be up for this shortly on VinylCollective.. we also still have a handful of the rarest color of the Slackers – Hanukkah 7″ left if you haven’t picked it up yet.

3) We’ve just begun working with a great dual female fronted pop-ska band from Nebraska called The Heat Machine. The just re-recorded their demo and added a handful of new tracks for their first LP release entitled “No Coast Dance Party”. If you loved Dance Hall Crashers, you’ll love these guys. They’ll be hitting the northeast for the first time this summer… so be sure to check them out!

4) Nicole & Simone from Tip the Van will be spending the first half of the summer on the Warped Tour performing every day on the mainstage with Big D & The Kids Table.. and also contributed on the upcoming release by Big D as well.

5) In the Jeff Rosenstock dept… Bomb the Music Industry’s newest album Scrambles is amazing… and we’ll have copies on Vinyl shortly! while you’re waiting you can download a free B-Sides/rarities collection @ www.quoteunquoterecords.com ..theres some real gems on there including tracks from the Rick Johnson split 7″, and their track from the DLG benefit album. BTMI! also has a slew of splits/singles coming out from a ton of labels .. so keep an eye open. We’ll be releasing the debut 7″ from Jeff’s latest project Kudrow sometime this summer… its in the vein of Archers of Loaf/Weakerthans… so indie rock lovers are stoked.

6) My Heart to Joy’s CD is out, and we’ll have their LP out shortly… the band will be spending most of the summer traversing the country in support of the album.. so be sure to check ’em out… the usually ornery bunch at the ‘org loves ’em .. and you will too.

7) if you live in Europe…. Sonic Boom Six is playing near your house every day for the next year. They’ve also release like 40 albums since we saw them last 6 months ago… so go pick some of them up.

8) Pegasuses XL is touring again soon… more details shortly!

9) HKPOE! is dusting off our equipment and performing an all 90’s alt rock cover set to raise money for Relay for Life on May 30th in my hometown of Stratford CT… it promises to be a trainwreck… but a trainwreck for a great cause… we’ll be joined by We Are the Union, Alton Bay, Knightsbridge Fiasco, NYR, Fire First… and god know’s who else…

10) Andrew Jackson Jihad is coming back to CT. They Might Be Giants is playing a free show in the park in New Haven, The Fad is getting back together for at least one show, Against Me! is playing smaller clubs again, Lemuria is coming back!….freaking Warped Tour is finally playing CT, and tons of other really great shit… we’re all pretty stoked.

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