Andrew Jackson Jihad – Holiday Inn, Gainesville LP

August 14, 2009


Last year at Fest, Sunday night after all the shows were over.. Eric (of O Pioneers!!! fame) set up an absolutely epic hotel show consisting of Andrew Jackson Jihad, Porches, Bridge & Tunnel, and Bomb the Music Industry!. About 50 of our friends from around the country jammed in for a truly great time, with some really great bands. We managed to record the night’s festivities and will be releasing the AJJ set this fall on Vinyl. We couldn’t be happier because they’re two of the nicest dudes in all of punk rock, and they do really cool things like open for puppet shows in Chris’s backyard. We’ll have more info on this shortly…

we’ll also be putting out a 7″ with some highlites from the entire show to benefit the To Hell & Back Pitbull Rescue, which is run by a super great dude, who does a lot of great things to help find homes for abandoned and abused dogs. We’ll hopefully be doing a handful of interesting releases in the coming year to help pay for additional kennels, fencing, and food/vet bills.

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