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Back from Fest….

November 4, 2009

We all made it back from Fest in one piece (after way too many energy drinks, and getting delayed on every flight). Our condolences to everyone who couldn’t get into see our bands, Andrew Jackson Jihad was a last minute addition, hence the super small venue, and the Kickstand Sunday night was just packed to the walls….The Emotron, O Pioneers!!!, and Bomb the Music Industry! really tore shit up.

A ridiculous amount of love to Tony, Cam, and Holly for letting us once again be a part of this, we had an amazing time.

and shout outs to all our friends who made the weekend great… especially Justin from Underground Communique, Eric from i Heart U productions, Scott from AP, all the VC kids, Sean & Ben from AJJ, and of course the entire BTMI!/Chotto Ghetto entourage .

to anyone who didn’t pick up their cover to the AJJ Fest Press… drop us a line and we can arrange to get it out to you. Also we still have some slipmats, and Fest Coozies left if anyone’s interested.