SKA is Dead 7″ of the Month Club!

June 24, 2010

The Ska is Dead 7″ of the Month club!

Coming this summer as a joint effort from Asbestos Records, Underground Communique Records, and the nice folks at Skaisdead.com will be an amazing little project that combines our obsession with dead genres and dead formats. Each series will be a set of 6 split 7″s from some of our favorite bands that **gasp** have the audacity to still play ska, and ska influenced punk rock in the year 2010. Available by subscription only, every other month you will receive two brand spanking new 7″ records featuring both established, and up and coming acts including Reel Big Fish, Mustard Plug, Big D & the Kids Table, Bomb the Music Industry!, The Slackers, Sonic Boom Six, and more! So get out your dad’s old suit, and your mom’s old turntable and get stoked for the best 7″ club of the year!

How to order:

Go to www.skaisdead.bigcartel.com and pledge your undying love and paypal based funds to us.

If you’re in the States — $36ppd
If you’re in Canada –$45ppd
If you’re in the UK/Austrailia/Japan — $60
Anywhere else — hit us up and we’ll figure something out for you.

Super Sweet Test Press Contest! (not for the lazy)

Ok so we need help getting the word out about our little labor of love, and here’s where you come in!
Repost the info for this club on all the music message boards, music news sites, social networking things, or wherever the hell else you think people would want to hear about this. Keep tabs of all your postings, and send us a list of the links to flood@asbestosrecords.com with the email titled “SKA IS DEAD TEST PRESS CONTEST” Whomever has the biggest number of posts by July 1st wins a complete set of all 6 Series 1 test presses.. that’s like serious EBAY gold kiddies. The sites gotta be relevant to count, so keep it real folks… bonus points for creativity.and don’t be a troll if someone already posted it on a specific message board, please don’t start another thread… just bump it or add something to the thread

Thanks for all the support and love we¡¦ve already gotten in this endeavor, and we hope it goes well enough so we can move forward with Series 2 in the winter

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