Ska is Dead 7″ Club updates!

April 1, 2011

The final 2 7″s from the innaugural Ska is Dead Club will be finished shortly.. we’re capping off this awesome series with two serious splits… both were touring partners in the past couple years. The first being an east coast/west coast pop ska split from those radio darlings Reel Big Fish, and our own Warped Tour Darlings Tip the Van. The second is a pair of NYC’s finest, combining the kings of the NYC Ska Mob The Slackers, with the band that can’t take a shit without Punknews reporting on it, Bomb the Music Industry!
Huge thanks to everyone who participated, and subscribed in this project, we’ve gotten so much love from the ska community over this project, and we’ve gotten to work with the great folks at Underground Communique, and Ska is Dead. As a special thank you, we’ll be offering some super exclusive special presses of our upcoming releases to the subscriber base of SiD, and you guys will get a shot at them before the general public, as a way of saying thank you for all the support.

and now onto series II & III!!!

we’re now compiling bands for the next two series, and we promise everything will run a hell of alot more smoothly this time around 🙂 We can’t reveal any of the bands that have signed on as of yet, but theres gonna be a lot of old favorites, and hot new acts as well. More news to follow!

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