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Sorry we’ve been so busy…..

July 15, 2014

Ok we have so much stuff in the works right now! So much in fact we’ve been horrible at updating this website.

Here’s what the rest of the year looks like so far:

  1. The Snails – Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox LP
  2. Survay Says! – Observations of the Human Condition LP
  3. The Skints – Part and Parcel LP (US release)
  4. Fishbone – Intrinsically Intertwined LP
  5. Fishbone – Truth and Soul LP (reissue!)
  6. They Might Be Giants – Flood LP (reissue!)
  7. ***super secret reissue***
  8. V/A – No Worries CD (benefit northeastern ska comp for Efren Sanatana of Hepcat)
  9. and some other special projects that are in the early stages… stay tuned!