Record Store Day : BLACK FRIDAY!!! & more!

November 17, 2014


Tons of news!

Record Store Day Black Friday Releases

3 truly classic punk releases available on colored vinyl for the first time ever (and back on vinyl for the first time in 25 years!!!) Each record will have a randomly distributed & unmarked special color hidden amongst the normal copies.. happy hunting!! and as always… these will only be available at your favorite independent record stores!

They Might Be Giants – Flood LP (2900 green / 100 yellow)

The Dead Milkmen – Big Lizard in My Backyard LP (2900 Green / 100 Yellow)

Fishbone – Truth and Soul LP (2900 Cherry Red / 100 Green )

New Records & New Re-Pressings

The Skints – Part and Parcel LP (first US Pressing)

The Snails – Songs From the Hydrogen Jukebox vol 1 & 2 LP

Sum 41 – All Killer No Filler LP (4th pressing **New Colors***)

Fishbone – Intrinsically Intertwined 12″ EP (w/ etched B-Side!!!)


Survay Says! – Observations of the Human Condition LP

The Dead Milkmen – Beelzebubba LP

River City Extension – Deliverance LP

and tons more in the works!!!!

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